ISUH Partners


ISUH has formed partnerships with global organizations ranging
from United Nations agencies and networks of national academies of
science and medicine to global professional organizations, academic
institutions, businesses and local organizations of civil society, to
collaborate in advancing urban health.

Through our network of partners we work to:

CREATE a worldwide cadre of cross-sectoral, multi-disciplinary urban health leaders in research, policy and practice

ADVANCE the evidence base regarding the determinants, programs and policies critical or achieving healthy and sustainable urban environments

IMPROVE cross-sector collaboration to solve urban health challenges

ADVOCATE for implementation of evidence-based policies, programs and governance that develop healthy and sustainable urban environments and eliminate health inequities


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ISUH is the only global professional organization in the world that focuses exclusively on the broad determinants of urban health. Your membership can help us develop and sustain ISUH as an independent voice of our global, transdisciplinary members and strategic partners for health equity in urban settings.