Well Managed Cities & Positive Impact on Health

Cities are the main drivers of national development and present opportunities to transform a nation’s health. If well managed, cities can be engines of development for national economies, hubs for technological innovation and centers of positive social progress.

Opportunities for healthy and sustainable urbanization:

  • Implement evidence-based programs at the local level and scale them to reduce disease prevalence and incidence
  • Develop public-private solutions to create integrated health and social services that are high quality and affordable
  • Increase opportunities for pioneering solutions in alternative energy
  • Promote innovative policies that change the built environment to promote health and minimize risk of violence and injury
  • Support advocacy efforts that encourage good governance, allowing all sectors to come together to enhance access to healthy foods, clean water, sanitation, and social engagement
  • Educate and train global leaders in evidence-based and locally relevant solutions to minimize inequities in opportunities.


ISUH: Developing healthy, equitable cities for all

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