Call for Blog Posts

In General, Perspectives by Gerard Lebeda


Share your latest research, opinions and insights into urban health by contributing to our blog! Entries should be no longer than 800 words and must be sent to Make sure to give your article a catchy title!  

Suggested topics include:  

  • Staying healthy in cities during the COVID-19 pandemic: 
    • Physical health in cities (i.e. strategies that help you stay physically active) 
    • Mental health in cities (i.e. how to prioritize mental health in small or crowded living spaces) 
    • Social health in cities (i.e. how to stay socially connected during the pandemic) 
    • Environmental health in cities (i.e. how to improve air quality in your home) 
    • Healthy eating (i.e. how to eat healthy during the pandemic)
  • Identifying disparities and improving equity in cities: Tell us a story about disparities facing your city, or an example of a program, initiative or a public space that encourages greater equity for all residents in your city
  • Discuss a successful health policy or program in a city with metrics 
  • Displaced populations and urban health: How are cities meeting the health needs of populations involuntarily displaced by conflict, climate events or other emergencies? 
  • Emergency preparedness and response: How can health and urban planning come together to better prepare cities for natural disasters and other crises? 
  • What is the future of urban health? What are your research priorities? Write an opinion piece on what urban health means to you. 
  • How public open and greenspaces contribute to health, social cohesion and/or support democratic movements 
  • Nature based solutions that can contribute to health 
  • Examples of programs or practice in urban health that you want to share 
  • “Regional voices”: Share stories and examples from your local region/area