What is ISUH?

ISUH serves as a global crucible for thought leadership, interactive discussion forums, collaborative networks, dynamic conferences, and scholarly publications on urban health and urban health environments.

It is the only global non-governmental organization to advance the generation, exchange, and application of interdisciplinary and inter-sectoral urban health knowledge and educational models and to support the development of evidenced based programs and policies to promote urban health.

The ISUH is at an exciting point in its evolution. As recognition of the social, economic, and environmental determinants of health has grown, attendance at ICUH has expanded to include urban planners, architects, geographers, climate change scientists and others who recognize the value of collaborative research, policy and interventions that promote urban health. The ISUH has formed relationships with global organizations like the United Nations University and the International Council for Science to broaden our networks and enhance the global discussion of urban health challenges and their solutions. It has an active working group with the aim of strengthening urban health education, policy and practice, and is currently exploring engagement in advocacy at the UN level to maintain sustained attention to urban health as part of the Sustainable Development Goals and The New Urban Agenda.

As more and more organizations worldwide begin to focus on urban health challenges, we believe ISUH has a unique role to play. We invite you to become a member.


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ISUH is the only global professional organization in the world that focuses exclusively on the broad determinants of urban health. Your membership can help us develop and sustain ISUH as an independent voice of our global, transdisciplinary members and strategic partners for health equity in urban settings.