ICUH2018 - Kampala

Conference Themes

15th International Conference on Urban Health

November 27-30, 2018
"Managing Urbanization for Health: A Priority for All Nations"
  • The Governance of Complex Systems
  • Culture and Inclusivity
  • Disasters, Epidemics and the Unexpected
  • Cities as Economic Engines
  • Monitoring and Evaluation of Urban Health Indicators
  • Safety, Security and Justice
  • Spiritual Health in the City

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The 15th International Conference on Urban Health, “Managing Urbanization for Health: A Priority for All Nations,” provided an opportunity for practitioners, academicians, communities, and policymakers from all levels to share knowledge and experiences from around the world to help stimulate effective management of urban areas for health and health equity.  The conference was characterized by presentations and discussions from various delegates on their research findings relating to Urban Health, Air quality, noise, water, sanitation and disaster preparedness.


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ICUH2017 Welcome Plenary

Paula Santana, University of Coimbra; Joao Gabriel Silva, University of Coimbra; Shamim Talukder, CEO Eminence; Manuel Machado, Mayor of Coimbra; Adalberto Campos Fernandes, Minister of Health, Portugal

ICUH2017 Plenary #1 - Integrating Work on the SDGs and the New Urban Agenda to Improve Health Equity in Cities

Jo Ivey Boufford (Chair),  International Society for Urban Health; Margaret (Peggy) Hamburg, National Academy of Medicine; Franz Gatzweiler, International Council for Science; Carlos Dora, UN Habitat; World Health Organization; Birgit de Boissezon, European Commission; Remy Sietchiping, UN Habitat Kenya

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Cities are the main drivers of national development and present opportunities to transform a nation's health and wellbeing, so cities must be at the forefront of tackling the global sustainable development agenda.